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All search engine optimization services are offered a' la carte and can be tailored to your budget. We offer both consultation services or, if you've come to the realization that you cannot do all the SEO work you need to do by yourself, then Concept Design Group's team of SEO experts can manage your SEO campaign from start to finish or anywhere in between.

What Affects The Cost?
Two factors affect the pricing of search engine optimization services; 1) The internal process of making your website search engine friendly (which is based on how many search terms you would like to target and the amount of SEO copywriting you may need) and 2) The external process of link building which is based on how many incoming links you need to require to outrank your competitors. For example, somebody wanting to rank well for Lake Geneva Cleaning services would require far less links than somebody who wanted to show up for the word computer. While the internal efforts for both websites would require virtually the exact same optimization efforts (i.e. title tags, head tags, alt tags, well written content, site map, etc.), the external efforts is where the pricing would dramatically change. Link Building requires expertise and simply takes a lot of time in the saddle.

Search Engine Optimization

Studies have shown that 70% or more of all search engine users select the free or "organic" results in the left portion of the results page (versus the sponsored listings found on the right). We can help positioning our clients' websites at the top of the free, organic results. We provide key phrase research on the search terms that describe your specific products and/or services, as well as a competitive analysis and our personal recommendations on what you should do to better capture this highly qualified traffic. Our services include:

  • Key phrase research 
  • On-page optimization change
  • SEO copywriting
  • Title tag adjustments
  • Internal link structure
  • Navigational improvement

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization

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Social Media Marketing

Popular social media sites offer high ranking profiles, which can be extremely valuable links to have to promote brand visibility in the search results. With 1 billion users on Facebook, and over 15 million on Twitter, using social media as a way to create and promote quality customer interaction and engagement as well as forming an image and brand can be highly beneficial to your company. However, for Social Media Marketing to be an effective form of marketing, it is absolutely essential to be informed and decide on a strategy before diving in. Building social profiles and dumping links will never be enough. There was quite a buzz generated with Matt Cutts confirmation that Google is beginning to use social data in their search algorithm (as is Bing). Google claimed they use data such as how many times something was retweeted, followed on Twitter and liked or linked to within Facebook. Impact of links from these services have been suspected for sometime, but we now have official confirmation of their effect. Learn more about Social Media Marketing.

Optimization of YouTube Videos

With over 2 billion views per day worldwide, YouTube is undisputedly the most capable video sharing portal to send your site traffic. In order to tap into that massive traffic stream, you'll need to know exactly how to optimize for it. We can leverage your YouTube videos in order to acquire new traffic for your sites.

Pinterest Business Accounts: Convert Your Existing Account or Set up a New One

First some stats: Small businesses use fast-growing Pinterest to boost sales
•    Pinterest is the FASTEST-growing social media site in history, with a 4,000% traffic growth in just the last six months.
•    It's a major source of traffic to your Website, becoming a game-changer for small businesses nationwide. For example, beginning this summer, Pinterest became the top social referrer for and, sending more traffic to both properties than Facebook and Twitter combined.
•    For many small businesses, Pinterest has become an electronic display window, which leads directly to sales. Small retailers engaged in e-commerce should explore Pinterest — especially if their products have strong visual appeal.
•    Pinterest users spend more significant time on the site (an average of 15 minutes per visit) than they do when compared to Facebook and Twitter.
•    Bottom line: if you aren't on Pinterest now, you should be, regardless of your niche.

Pinterest is doing their best to attract big brands to their interface by opening their doors to business use. To achieve this, they have created two formats: one for people and one for businesses. Signing up for the business site allows you to brand your business name (instead of first name and last name). Existing users can convert their personal account to a business account; new users can sign up directly as a business—we did this and it was easy as pie.

How to convert your existing personal account to a business account:
1.    Go to
2.    Click the “Convert your existing Account” button.
3.    Follow the on-screen instructions.

How to set up a new Pinterest business account:
1.    Go to
2.    Click “New to Pinterest? Join as a business."
3.    You are required to verify website ownership. To do this, visit your Settings page and click on the "Verify Website" button. There are two ways to verify: uploading a unique HTML file to the server or uploading an HTML file. Simply generate the code in Pinterest’s online interface and send the code to your Webmaster. After the upload is complete, go back to your account on the Settings page, then press the “Verify Website" button.  
4.    Add new buttons and widgets. Integrate the Pin It button, Follow button, Profile widget or Board widget into your Website to get more engagement from pinners and traffic to your site. Here is more information about buttons and widgets:

Quick Tips: Maximizing ROI on Pinterest
1. Edit your profile for SEO success: When you set-up your profile don't forget to choose the Off privacy setting in the settings option, which will allow your boards to be indexed by search engines. Fill in the About section completely and don't hesitate to seed it with target keywords or #hashtags, as this will be used in searches on the site to serve qualified boards. Consider linking the account to your Facebook page, which will allow you to "jumpstart" your promotion by connecting with friends already on Pinterest.
2. Don't self-promote excessively: No one wants to follow a company that does nothing but excessively pin its own products, videos and information. A great example of a company to emulate here, a wood finishes manufacturer. Their plan is to accumulate a Pinterest following by setting-up, curating and promoting a variety of “boards” that cover every imaginable woodworking and wood-finishing resource. By providing a breadth of rich information, you can prevent backlash when you link back to promote your own blog posts or populate boards with your own content.

3. Make your blog and site content pinnable: Just as you would with Digg, StumbleUpon or Twitter, adding a Pinterest Pin to your blog or site content will increase shares significantly. Pinterest provides customizable "Pin it" and "Follow" buttons that can be downloaded free from their Goodies page.

4. Engage your community: One of the fastest ways to generate new followers is to pin and repin related content. Feel free to repin something that catches your eye, even if it's not from your company or even from a competitor. Also, let your followers to contribute to your boards. One company that has benefited directly from this practice is Whole Foods. By allowing its almost 20,000-strong following to add to boards covering topics from “What is your Favorite Garden?” to “Winter Holiday Favorites,” Whole Foods encourages engagement, direct traffic to their main site, and a level of repins that most users of Pinterest only dream of experiencing. And don’t forget, engagement is a two-way street, so respond to comments on your boards.

5. Promote your Pinterest boards: As with your Twitter or Facebook accounts, Pinterest needs to be promoted both online and offline through your company's marketing channels. If you have a newsletter, make sure to include direct links to relevant boards. If you are presenting at a trade show, conference or giving a presentation, make sure you reference related Pinterest content. Are you doing TV or radio media buys? If so, consider replacing your previous social links with a link to your Pinterest profile—that's how huge the site is getting. Finally, if you are looking to jumpstart your Pinterest promotion, either to gain quick followers or encourage a flood of repins to kick things off, consider Fiverr. Take a look at how many Pinterest gigs are already flooding the site.

6. Create a “Gifts” cateogory to sell through Pinterest: This category is auto-filled with products by Pinterest users who specify a price within the description field of products they "pin" or upload to the social site.
     • All you need to do is include the "$" or "£" symbol in the description field of the pin and it will be automatically pulled into the gifts category. Here's an example: 
     • Once you upload your file, you can then modify the URL section within each Pin, directly linking users to page where they can find and purchase your product. Make sure you closely monitor all products you “pin” and remember to remove the price banner when you sell out.

Monitoring Activity on your Pinterest channel
You can create an RSS feed with the same information by using a tool such as Feed43. Once you’ve established the feed, you can add it to your reader to keep track of your site’s Pinterest activity. It’s a good reminder to frequently visit the site not only to interact with pins and comments from your own site, but other pinboards, too.

Image Size and Content Guidelines for Pinterest
•    Profile Photo: 165px by 165px
•    Board Cover: 207px by 222 px
•    Pin Sizes: Largest: No limit; however, images that are much wider than they are tall get   compressed. Smallest: 81px minimum for width and height. At Concept Design Group, we like to use images that are 900px on the long side to show more detail.
•    Bio Characters: 200 maximum
•    Display Size: 192px wide in stream, 554px wide on pin page 
•    Keep images equal to or less than 554px wide, or they may appear distorted.
•    Avoid a letterbox effect by ensuring your image is no more than 3x wider than it is high.
•    Pinterest frames photos in white & gray; keep this in mind if you want to create an image border.
•    Pinterest supports embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
•    Keep the description short; people want to look at images, not read.
•    Pin from the original source and/or permalinks.
•    Give credit.


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  • SEO-Productive Copywriting
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