Webmail Instructions and POP Accounts in Outlook

The following are videos to explain the use of our Webmail interface, and how to set up POP accounts in Outlook for PC.

Webmail_Overview VIDEO

POP Accounts using Outlook 2010 VIDEO

POP Accounts using Outlook 2003 VIDEO


Text instructions and screenshots for setting POP Accounts

With Webmail, you can continue to receive mail at your local computer as before, or access your email on the web from any location, and take advantage of options such as email forwarding, auto  responders, etc. In addition, you can elect to have email forwarded from other accounts to the Web Mail Center, receiving all email in one place.

Here is how to set up your email configuration. 

Check your email one last time to be sure all email delivered under the old system has been received.

  • Incoming SMTP is pop.conceptd.com
  • Your outgoing SMTP is provided by your local ISP, such as smtp.local-isp.com. 

  • Optionally, you may choose to change your outgoing SMTP server to smtp.conceptd.com. This is useful on a laptop used in multiple locations, and will function in most locations.

  • If you use smtp.conceptd.com, Be sure the "My server requires authentication" option is selected for the outgoing mail server under the “more settings/outgoing” tab.) 

  • The password is provided by Concept Design. You can connect to your account at any time through the Web Mail interface and change your password to one of your own choosing. Be sure to update your Outlook account with any password changes.

Using the  Concept Design Group Web Mail Online Interface

All email clients now have the option of accessing their email through the Web Mail Center. From the Web Mail Center, not only can you read/reply to your email, but you can also configure a host of special options such as email forwarding, additional spam controls, auto-responders, etc., making the Web Mail Center a full-featured email system.  Many clients will choose to use Web Mail as their only email software.  As a web-based environment, the Web Mail Center is available to you from any computer where you have access to the internet. 

Access Your Web Mail interface at: http://post.your domainname. For example: http://post.conceptdesigngroup.net”
Your user name is whatever is in front of the “@”  on your email address.  For example, if your email address was [email protected], then your webmail user name is “chris”.  Use the same password that you currently use for POP3 access on your local machine.

Managing messages on the server through Outlook

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